The Modern Tongue Scraper


Design to manufacture

A simple product with an in-depth history, the Sayaah tongue scraper is another startup that approached Centreline for our design to manufacture expertise. Now a success story, the scraper started out as a simple desire to improve dental hygiene through good design. Centreline was fundamental to the development and execution of Sayaah, being involved from the first pencil to paper, right, through to packaging, material selection, sourcing, manufacturing and consignment.

Considered design

Attention to detail allowed us to execute the client's vision, creating a beautiful product with a well balanced handle and a wide consumer appeal.

Developed to be the best

Developed to be the best Innovation can come in small leaps, with often overlooked features adding value. Throughout the development, Centreline strived to ensure this product was the best of the best, with an aluminium cast handle that adds tactile value without excessive weight or cost and a 304 medical grade stainless steel scraper head that is precisely formed for maximum tongue engagement.