Road Safety Reimagined

Road Angel - Pure MKII

Advanced Road Safety

Road Angel approached Centreline and tasked us with a ground up redesign of the Pure range. To achieve this we set out defining a new house style and design language. This house style then became the core of all decisions moving forward, encompassing design, function and interaction.

Grab and Go Charging

The grab and go wireless charging mount conveniently secures, positions and charges the Pure, with full 360 degrees rotation.

Subtle Elegance

The Pure Mk2 is deliberately understated, delivering clean concise updates without distracting the driver.


We’re meticulous about design and engineering, down to the very last detail. The vented pattern on the rear of the Pure not only creates an engaging feature, but also improves and directs airflow. Reducing internal temperate and extending lifespan.

The Pure is a high quality, compact, well designed bit of kit with reliable data and powerful features.

The Sunday Times

Connectivity and Control

We believe an app should be an extension of the product, a gateway to access. This is the approach we applied when developing and implementing the Pure OS and accompanying app. The app is clean, intuitive and accessible, allowing the user to manage, maintain and configure their device.