Toy Crossbow


Added value through design

Centreline worked with a longstanding client who value our expertise, looking to expand into a new market sector within their hunting range. Working with their existing visual language established by Centreline over the past 20+ years, we were fundamental throughout the process, working from initial visual concepts and taking these into full scale engineering right through to consumer packaging. We were able to ensure our vision and the clients high expectations were executed to the greatest extent, with the toy pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at this price range.

Innovation from the ground up

Right down to the smallest details, the phantom offers a next level experience, with a built in 3-shot, pump action for loading to enhance play and offer a greater experience over competitors. Through a series of development processes, Centreline both designed and engineered this feature to enhance the user experience and bring a fresh take on the saturated toy market.

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Beneath the track houses the additional darts in a compact array, offering reload capabilities unseen on a crossbow toy. Balancing this added functionality alongside the visual integrity of the product offered a welcome challenge, executed to our original vision, further enhanced by A delicate, 3D laser engraved tool texture that provides a tactile and visual value.