A Fast Reliable Charge

NRG - Power Stem

Integrated Power

The NRG stem gives you power while you’re on the go. NRG stem is designed to maximise available space on a bike while reducing the amount of items the rider needs to carry, to stay connected. The robust and rigorously engineered bike stem, has been designed for both, road and off-road applications.

Universal Charging

Universal charging through USB-A custom cables. The cables have been designed with a bung which when fitted to the stem creates a water and dust resistant seal.

Universal Design

NRG stems are of the Aheadstem design (also known as ‘Ahead stem’ or ‘Threadless stem’) which bolts directly onto a fork’s steerer tube. This system is simple and quick to install.

Being able to take and trust advice from Centreline was paramount for me

Rupert Clifford-Brown

A Fast Reliable Charge on the go

Centreline have been involved in every stage of the design process, through initial research, concept development, engineering, product testing and production. Our client approached us with an initial idea, we took a step back breaking down the core fundamentals. This allowed us to really target and evaluate all avenues, ultimately presenting our findings and agreeing the best way forward with our client.