3-in-1 Activity Centre

Little Hoppa

Sustainable, Fun, Interaction for early development

Little Hoppa is an award winning children’s activity centre, focused on sustainability and prolonged product life. The product adapts and develops throughout the early years of a child's life, supporting their needs as they grow and helping to develop essential dexterity and strength. Each configuration has been meticulously designed around a specific age range, ensuring the product stays interactive, fun and engaging for the child, but also simple to construct and operate as a parent.

Fresh, Adaptive, Play

Our approach examined the current trends, behaviours and insights of young families, ensuring the range appeals to the parent as much as it appeals to the children. As a stunning object alone. Centreline was able to add value and a distinct brand image to an already crowded market, allowing our client to emerge as a fresh new take on baby products. As a modular foundation, the product encourages future growth and adaptation with the addition of new attachable toys, patterns and playmats.