Key Presentation Box

Toyota (GB) PLC

Material Driven Sustainability

Key box encompasses a long and indepth delve into sustainable materials, processes and manufacturing techniques. The form is subtle, elegant and appropriate. Partnering detail and material appropriateness, the design highlights the need to design with and for material. The key box is an additional item which builds on the success of ISSHO.


Flexibility to target the user, without compromising the clean form and the products after life.


A single sheet of Bamboo, kerfed and formed, creates a simple silhouette While using the inherent nature and properties of bamboo.


Clean white printed lines, enhances and complements. The single stripe wrapping around the key box, signifies the importance and full cycle of the key handover, from us to you.

Centreline came up with some great concepts and recommendations for our key box that were tough to choose from, however they were able to help us find the perfect balance of style and practicality that really embodies the brand story we wanted to tell

Toyota (GB) PLC

Fundamental Material Research

Pairing appropriate material with purpose is at the core of everything we do. The research portion of this project involved sourcing and exploring environmentally conscious materials at various price points. This body of research formed the basis of which several concepts were realised, all making the most of relevant material properties. Using this material driven process we were able to determine which concept to develop, while continuously evaluating the environmental factors and appropriateness of the design.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

Centreline were approached by Toyota (GB) PLC to design a handover item to enhance and strengthen customer experience at point of purchase. ISSHO is a take home toy, designed to reflect and encompass Toyota’s culture, values and progressive nature. Various and in depth development stages were undertaken on behalf of Toyota (GB) PLC, culminating in ISSHO, a key part of the Toyota handover experience.

The team at Centreline really took the time to understand the character we wanted to create with Issho. Working with us to really get even the smallest details right, and help us to bring our vision to life with the soft toy and illustrations

Toyota (GB) PLC

ISSHO Launch Illustrations

Promotional storyboards illustrate the story and journey of ISSHO, from car showroom to the customers home. These stylised illustrations capture the feel and progressive nature of the Toyota brand, while depicting the intention and versatility of ISSHO.