Umbrella Reinvented


Startup success

Startup to successful kickstarter campaign and manufacture. Gilley came to centreline in search of innovation and a creative approach to the daily struggles surrounding umbrellas. The success of the kickstarter campaign is a testament to their vision and the work undertaken to add value to an otherwise overlooked product.

01 - Protective sleeve

A bold external sleeve houses the umbrella, providing a protective barrier that allows for quick, secure storage that prevents any water damage when storing a wet umbrella. A strong brand identity is ingrained throughout the sleeve to establish a recognisable silhouette that stands above the competition.

02 - Unscrew and expand

Quality is ingrained throughout, with Centreline playing a critical role in sourcing and manufacturing parts that ensure a durable, tactile experience in line with the customers brand values.

03 - Fix and go

A quick user experience was key to the success of this product, with a large focus on the transition from stored to expanded formats being a major selling point.

Down to the last detail

With a focus on tactility and user experience, each detail was meticulously refined within the constraints presented by the design direction and cost expectations. A greater weight was put on material choices, with the canopy using a lightweight Hydrophobic material custom to order.