Collapsible Clothes Hanger


Practicality meets style

Helping Startup Shannyce Adamson implement her vision for a better clothes hanging experience, we undertook a ground up approach, supporting from initial concept right through to manufacture. Through considered design, Easyhang balances the difficult task of providing a quality clothes friendly hanger with a practical, user friendly experience. Folding down to a transportable size offers greater flexibility on the go and allows for the quick release of clothing through the neck line. This innovation opens a commercial incentive by reducing time, but critically it reduces potential damage to garments.

Built to last

While extended, the hanger offers great support for clothing, preventing misshapen, creased or ripped material often seen on competitor folding hangers. The introduction of FSC grade wood provides a sustainable edge, but primarily the Easyhang is built to last, targeted at the ethical consumer that refuses to buy cheap, replaceable hangers.

Down to the last detail

Retractable soft grips ensures the hanger is suitable for all clothing variables, maintaining a wide commercial reach and quality user experience.