Tactical Crossbows

Crossbow Innovation

20 + Years Experience

We have over 20 years experience designing high, performance crossbows. This wealth of knowledge has been applied over a multitude of projects and development stages over the years. Delivering market leading, innovation and award winning design. Centreline have produced concept design, concept renders, detailed engineering, marketing materials, detailed surface models and accessory ranges.

Pushing The Limits

In a highly competitive market it’s important to question the accepted, and strive to stand out. Centreline integrate the latest design and material innovation. Stronger, Faster, Lighter! This material innovation and market leading design combined with Barnett's inhouse team, allows us to push the boundaries.

Down To The Last Detail

Centreline work tirelessly right down to the smallest detail, it’s this in depth attention that we believe delivers market leading products. A human centered approach puts emphasis on interaction, ergonomics and safety. We design so that grips, handles and interaction points feel effortless.

While the Ghost 400 is far from inexpensive, it represents a tremendous value given its dominance of this field and innovative design features. It is very deserving of both of our awards.

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