Why Centreline?

Why Centreline?

Established in 1984, Centreline is an award winning UK based Product Design consultancy with studios located in London and Nottingham. We have a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team creating beautiful, innovative and contemporary products. We strive for creative and manufacturing synergy, utilising each team member's individual skills and own unique perspective on design, collaborating to achieve exceptional results. Our expertise is evident in our design, boasting a broad range of awards from prestigious Red Dot Design awards through to a huge number of industry-lead and editorial accolades.

As a company, Centreline strives to build long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest brands in the industry, creating long-lasting relationships. Some of our clients have relied on our skills to develop a product range that extends over many years and incorporates everything from industrial design to packaging and branding. Our company focus extends far beyond presenting beautiful concepts and utilises our expertise to support our clients to achieve their goals. Our team designs with skill and finesse to create truly bespoke designs, uniquely created with exacting standards for our clients.

As a professional partner we appreciate that our approach needs to be as individual as each project. We work with some amazing ideas but appreciate that design is not always about the big idea and the uniqueness of a product is rooted with a deep understanding of why it is being designed, which is solidified with an uncompromising design process.

Realising amazing products is only part of Centreline’s story. We work closely with very skilled prototyping experts and our experienced manufacturing partners to realise our designs from tens to millions of units. Centreline began as an injection-mould design company and therefore has a heritage of design for manufacture. Always working with our huge understanding of materials and manufacturing methods at our disposal. This does not only allow us to create exciting designs, but to ensure your requirements are fulfilled within budget. Our flexibility across two locations allows for us to host and engage with clients at ease and a great opportunity for potential clients to meet our team.

Should you wish to discuss a project proposal with us or would like to visit our studios in person, please do get in touch, we’d be more than happy to discuss your project proposal and requirements with a free consultation.

- Adam


London Studio: 0203 1764190

Nottingham Studio: 01623 884300