Visualisation certainly plays a key role within a design process, not only does it allow us to appreciate the design created, but it can bring the product to life giving clients an accurate representation of the product they are looking to launch. There are many forms of visualisation we can utilise as a team, these range from high resolution photo realistic imagery to detailed product animation.


Visualisation is an excellent tool to experiment with the final appearance of a product, it can assist with areas such as potential materials choices, desired surface finishes and including client branding if required. This can allow the design to develop and possibly trigger new fresh ideas for moving the product forward.

What are visualisations used for?

Marketing & Advertisement

In a world of social media and many advertising platforms, high resolution product imagery and animations can be a huge advantage in a successful marketing campaign and building a customer base. This form of communication is vital in trying to reach as many potential customers as possible. Creating seamless, bespoke imagery and media can significantly attract interest from a wider audience.

Instructional & Training

Most of the time, viewing or observing a form of media makes more sense and is easier to translate than reading printed instructions. Product imagery and animations are widely used for instructional and training purposes. Producing step by step / walk-through animations showing how to use a product can instil confidence into potential users and remove any complication.