Project Case Study - Ultimate Cleavage

Lucy is the creator of Ultimate Cleavage; a clip that fits onto bras to give a cleavage boost.
She’s an individual who who came to us with an idea and has very much been involved throughout the project.

Lucy now sells Ultimate Cleavage worldwide from her website and through online retailers.

After coming up with the idea, Lucy came to us for the product design, engineering and manufacture. Branding and packaging were handled by Lucy herself.


The design of Ultimate Cleavage has had many different iterations throughout the project. This is due to focus groups, testing, improvements, client driven changes and finish options.

The photos below show how the product has changed over time with various mock-ups, prototypes and manufacturing samples.


How did you come up with the idea?

I was a stay at home Mum during the day, and when my partner arrived home from work I would then leave for work as a carer till late at night- working unsociable hours and weekends.

We hardly spent anytime as a family and I was looking for a way to improve our lifestyle. I got my heart set on coming up with an idea that had never been done before. I often found myself coming up with ideas for new products that I felt would come in handy during my day to day life – from here I decided to make a real go of one of my ideas and see if it could become a reality.

How long had you been thinking about the idea before you decided to come to us?

This idea developed from another bra related idea I had been thinking about, when the concept for the clips came about I spoke to a patent attorney with 48 hours and contaced Centreline within a week.

How many people/companies have you involved in the project (and what have they done)?

Centreline, Patent attorney, approx 20 different platers, graphic designers, printers for packaging

How do you manage the product sales?

All sales are through online platforms – my own website, eBay and Amazon.

How do you promote your product?

On social media – and regularly use reality TV stars to post and promote.

What have you found the hardest part of designing and bringing a product to market?

Creating the best possible quality product – trialing different metals with various finishes in several colours to create the perfect mix of great looking clips that are the best qualiy also.

If you could pick one piece of advice to give people thinking about designing a product, what would it be?
Even with the most simple product design idea – the process can involve much more investment of time and money than most people would imagine – however if you fully commit yourself to the process; finally seeing your idea become a reality is incredibly rewarding.

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