Meet the team: Managing Director

So you can get to know all of our incredible team here at Centreline. we’re running a series of blogs. This week it’s the turn of our managing director Neil White.

What is your job role? In a nutshell what do you do?

In my role as the Managing Director of Centreline, I am responsible for both the strategic and creative aspects. I’m focused on driving the business forward, while also helping to share the creative vision and direction of our projects. My role allows me to be involved between leadership and design vision, ensuring that centreline not only thrives but also constantly delivers, innovates and provides impactful design solutions for our clients.

What challenges you on a day to day basis?

Fostering a motivated and cohesive team while juggling various responsibilities can be a continual challenge, but it's one that fuels my determination to lead and succeed.

What’s the most useless/ interesting talent you have?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, impersonating Donald Duck

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Outside the design studio you might find me helping manage a local U14’s football team, running, cycling, playing football, skiing and importantly spending quality time with the family.