Look back: Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation!

Back in March Centreline turned 40 and we’ve been looking back, celebrating the last 40 years by highlighting our key moments along the way.

Centreline was founded by Steve Wagstaff March 1984 as a tooling design company. Specialising in helping clients produce and manufacture their products with robust and market leading tool design. The first office opened in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. We’re very proud of our roots and have ever since had a presence in Nottingham. We’re now situated across two studios one in leafy Nottinghamshire and our second in the heart of Hoxton, London.

After 15 successful years of supplying the world's leading brands with tool design, Centreline transitioned to offer Product Design services taking on new clients and exciting projects. Positioned as a design-to-manufacture-focused studio with deep roots in manufacturing methods, techniques and tool design. 40 years on we’ve had hundreds of successful project launches and picked up many awards along the way. The last 40 years have been quite a journey, starting out with draughtsmen hand drawing blueprints to a team of dedicated designers, skilled and equipped with the latest 3D modelling and rendering software.

As we continue to grow and take on ever-challenging and exciting new projects, we’re also dedicated to nurturing and supporting the next generation of Designers. Neil has been a lecturer on the University of Nottingham Design for Manufacturing course for the last decade. Centreline also offers internship opportunities for the next generation of students.

‘’The evolution of Centreline is brimming with possibilities. By embracing human-centred design, sustainable practices, eco-design and the circular economy, AI, VR and IoT connectivity, we'll continue to help shape and influence how products are designed and manufactured.’’ - Neil White - Managing Director