Product case study:

Set inside a converted Victorian pub off Oxford Street, the Liquorette cocktail bar draws inspiration from classic American diners and liquor stores. Guests are encouraged to interact and experiment with their drinks in this fresh addition to the London cocktail bar scene, breaking down the barriers between the customer and bartender. Liquorette offers a craft cocktail experience and is London’s first online cocktail ordering service.

Centreline Design was approached for the concept design, engineering and manufacture of the drinks vessel in which the cocktails ordered online would be delivered. Throughout the initial design phases, key themes such as circular design, transparency and simplicity were explored, reinforcing Liquorette’s values of honesty and accessibility. This translated into a finalised design based on bold and clean geometric forms, with minimal yet considered detailing.

Usability and an element of theatre was also at the forefront of the design. The stackable bottles incorporate a filter under the lid, turning the product into an instant cocktail shaker once ice is added and careful selection of production materials resulted in a robust, sustainable design that can either be returned to Liquorette for a discounted drink, or kept as a fresh addition to any drinks cabinet.

Designing for the food and drinks market always brings additional challenges to a project, in terms of ensuring the highest product safety standards are met. Centreline worked closely with manufacturers and independent test bodies to ensure that all elements of the product, both glass and polymer, adhered to EU regulations on food packaging and good manufacturing practices.

Ensuring the correct factories and suppliers are used is key to a successful approach. The project team spent several days in our Chinese manufacturing facilities to oversee the production run, quality control procedures and packing to guarantee quality over vast numbers of units and ensure that the product was completed and ready to ship to coincide with the client’s deadline.

- Chris