Internal Design Challenge - September 2020

Monday 7th September; Centreline set out starting an internal design challenge to design a desk light, focusing around the interaction of light and unusual materials. The challenge was handed to our entire design team, allowing them to participate in any manner they see fit. We had varying submissions, renderings, sketches and sketch models.

The three standout concepts made best use of both unusual/ interesting materials, but also form and context. A standout material being volcanic rock, this material has so much depth of texture and surface imperfections it’s really interesting to see the way in which light interacts and casts over the surface. Cork offers a soft friendlier alternative to wood and metal while sitting neatly against a strong tubular form. The recycled plastic diffuser adds a real playful contrast to virgin plastics, with complete variance in colour and opacity.

Ultimately the design challenge is an opportunity for our design team to explore concepts without restrictions, all based around a loose start point. The challenge helps improve skills but also reflects on our creative processes and how our peers work. We’re really excited to undertake another challenge in the near future.

- Anthony