Factory Visit - Mumbai

At Centreline, we’re always looking to broaden our directory of international suppliers, allowing us the ability to offer our clients as much flexibility as possible for the manufacturing phase of their project. Building confidence and having a transparent working relationship is key to the success of any project, which is why we believe in travelling to visit suppliers on a regular basis, whether it be to maintain and improve current procedures with long-term contacts, or simply introduce ourselves to potential new ones.

The Indian tooling industry is in a high growth phase, rapidly becoming a global force in the international manufacturing sector. We felt now was absolutely the right time for us to visit some of the potential new injection mould making suppliers we had been conversing with over recent months, setting some foundations for Centreline’s expansion into this exciting new market.

Neil (Managing Director) and Harrison (Manufacturing & Procurement Manager) have recently returned from a successful trip to Mumbai - India, taking up a great opportunity to visit accredited factories. They spent a number of days inspecting the facilities and processes on offer, meeting staff and discussing some upcoming projects to determine the suitability and ensure quality control is within our high standards.

As the world of manufacturing and production evolves, we are becoming more and more conscious of the environmental impact. We ask all our suppliers to commit to less or no wastage in the manufacturing process, helping with the sustainability challenge facing us everyday. Ensuring our suppliers work with recyclable materials along with refining processes are just a couple of the criteria that we insist on, helping the economy and environment adapt.

The visit was rounded off with a tour of the local area, offering up the chance to take in some incredible culture that Mumbai has to offer. We look forward to building upon the relationships built.

- Harrison