Employee Spotlight - Shane

So you can get to know all of our incredible team here at Centreline. We're doing a series of employee spotlights, this week it’s the turn of Shane, who’s been part of the Centreline team for over 8 years. Shane joined Centreline in 2013 as a graduate product designer and is now a lead designer based at the Nottingham studio.

What is your job role? In a nutshell what do you do?

As one of Centreline's lead designers my role is split between conducting design and engineering work on a variety of new and exciting projects, as well as general management duties; including client liaison, project scheduling and one-to-one project briefings, support and critiques within the team.

What challenges you on a day to day basis?

The diversity of consultancy design projects covers an incredibly broad spectrum of market sectors, approach strategies and fields of expertise. One of the biggest day to day challenges is ensuring my design thinking is adaptable and my skillset and expertise broad enough to provide insight on any design project no matter how novel or pioneering it may be.

What’s the most useless/ interesting talent you have?

I'm not sure if it counts as a talent, but there is no limit to the amount of coffee I can drink regardless of the time of day.

Something new you’ve learned in the past month?.

Every new design project aspires to push the boundaries of what's been done before, so there are always new problems to solve and something new to learn. This month I have learnt about translucency and masterbatch colour options for injection moulded bio-plastics, the mass production techniques and challenges of tubular knitting, and that a standard size table tennis ball measures 40mm across its diameter.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, taking the dog for a walk, and playing video games. I like holidaying at the UK coast, playing a par 3 golf course and when I have the time I paint scale model miniatures. Mainly though, I try to get the most out of all of my TV streaming services!