Employee Spotlight - Peter

So you can get to know all of our incredible team here at Centreline. We're doing a series of employee spotlights, this week it’s the turn of our Intern Peter, who's completing his year in industry with us.

What is your job role? In a nutshell what do you do?

I am one of a pair of product design interns at Centreline this year from the University of Nottingham. My role can often vary with supporting other members of the team, but in the main I work as a designer. I sketch concepts, create CAD models and build prototypes; both independently and as a part of groups of designers working on a range of products from many sectors.

What challenges you on a day to day basis?

I can sometimes struggle with time management, as what often excites me most about products, are the details. The move from university, where the only limit to the time spent on a stage of a project is how late you can stay up, to the more limited time and cost of a project stage in industry. This has led me to need to remind myself occasionally of the right time to be detail focused and the right time to look at the big picture.

What’s the most useless/ interesting talent you have?

I have a surprisingly good visual memory, meaning I’m able to recognise faces even if I’ve only seen someone once years before, often down to remembering what clothes they were wearing if I’ve had a conversation with them. However, this talent is useless, as my memory for names is horrendous. So, if I’ve met you before I will be able to tell you where, when and how you were dressed but I’ll need to ask your name again minutes after you’ve told me.

Something new you’ve learned in the past month?

As I’m at the beginning of my career in design I’m learning new methods and concepts in that area of my life every day. However, as a more “fun fact” type of answer, I recently learnt how long the Ancient Egyptian Empire was around with the fact that Cleopatra lived closer in time to us (69 B.C. – 30 B.C.), than to when the pyramids were built (approximately 2550 B.C. – 2490 B.C.).

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I try to head to the gym, fence or hike regularly to keep in good shape, hiking is a particular favourite of mine especially when I can get up to the Peak District or Scottish Highlands. One of my main hobbies I’ve been spending more time on for the last couple of years is cooking. I'm passionate about finding new cuisines, dishes and techniques to eat and recreate for anyone willing to try them. This has led to me having a large cookbook collection which my mum and girlfriend have both told me to stop buying more of and instead start cooking from. My other main hobby is bust and miniature painting, a very time consuming and expensive hobby that I’m very happy to have even more time and money to spend on now that I’m not a student, it’s very therapeutic and satisfying to see the finished results of.