Centreline - 2021 What's to Come

As we welcome the New Year we’re all facing many of the same challenges experienced during the last 12 months, we’ve been reflecting on the positive experiences we’ve achieved personally and as a team. We’ve truly got into the groove of working remotely, although we’re all desperate and hopeful of a return to our studio spaces later this year. We’ve ensured we still have access to the same level of collaboration, team ethic and sense of community. We see this as a real positive and something we’ve successfully managed to do for well over 10 years by operating over two studios (London and Nottingham). Here’s a list of what’s to come for Centreline in 2021 and we wish you all the very best for the upcoming year.

Design Sprints

On the back of the success of last year's internal design sprints, we’re challenging the team to be as creative as possible, learning new skills and putting these into practice. Our theme this year is to design creative but tangible solutions to very real world problems however big or small these may be. We really see the value in these challenges both from an upskilling exercise but also to see what our teams can produce when freed of many constraints. Keep an eye out on our website, blog and social media to see these project outcomes. We’d love to hear your suggestions for design sprint topics.

London Studio Move

Don’t worry we’re not moving far, we’re still situated in the heart of vibrant Hoxton in the same building we’ve occupied for the last 12 months. The opportunity arose to move to a more exciting space within our existing building, of course we jumped at the opportunity. We can’t wait to welcome our team and clients back to our new space for meetings, hopefully in the very near future.

New Projects

We’re forever grateful to our wonderful clients for the challenging, varied and progressive projects they bring to us. We love the challenge and the opportunity to work closely with each and every one. If you’ve got a project idea or any design requirements that you’d like to discuss with us in confidence, we’re always happy to hear from you. Tel: 0203 1764190, Email: Enquiries@centreline.co.uk

Studio Return

We’re hopeful and look forward to the time in which we can return to our studios, but until then we will continue to follow government guidelines. Please rest assured that we’re working at full capacity during these times with no disruption to our creative process. As mentioned previously, we’ve become very good at distanced collaboration between teams as highlighted through a host of successful projects over the past 10+ years.

Products to Market

As the year progresses we’re due to see many months/ years of hard work come to fruition, in the form of tangible well considered products to market. We’re always really excited by the prospect of obtaining mass user feedback and never tire of the rewarding process that is design and manufacturing. As these products enter the mass market and the homes/lives of many we’ll be sure to update our website accordingly to give an in depth behind the scenes view of our work and creative process.

For 2021 we’re expecting to see the next evolution of projects, bringing in new collaborations and reinforcing current relationships. Wishing you all good luck for the coming year and hope to see you soon.

- Centreline