An intro to our Manufacturing Manager

Manufacturing is a large part of Centreline, so it’s important we continually refine and improve our methods of communication with suppliers and are always looking to broaden our directory of suppliers to cater for our growing client base. This is the responsibility of our Manufacturing & Procurement Manager; Harrison.

Harrison acts as the bridge between our designers and suppliers to ensure products become a reality through consistent and concise communication methods. Involving himself towards the end of the design phases on a project, he works with the designer to gather all specifications and liaises with the supplier. This optimises the manufacturing processes on a project by project basis, overseeing the project through to completion when the goods are delivered to the client.

Delivering high quality goods is critical to our success and key to building long-term relationships with our client base. We take many steps to eliminate risks including working with ISO 9001 certified and trusted suppliers, generating internal quality control reports and communicating openly through a consistent template of documentation to help our suppliers understand and meet our expectations.

In addition to communicating through standardised formats, Harrison acts as our man on the ground for our client base, visiting suppliers all over the world at key stages of the manufacturing process. Having the opportunity to be on the production line and oversee the process is a huge factor in delivering any product to market, so being able to offer this service is an invaluable asset for Centreline.

We like to offer an inclusive experience for our clients so they can feel a sense of involvement throughout the development of their product and witness their idea become a reality. A benefit to the personal relationships we have with our trusted suppliers, is it allows us to have clients with us on factory visits, if they wish to join us.