2023: A year in review

A busy year has come to an end, so now it's time to look back on our successful year.

2022 saw us back to working in the studios, allowing us to meet clients in person and really get back to the in person collaborative working we love. We expanded our international clientele and were able to get back to meetings overseas, adding Nairobi to our client map.

Our proudest moment of 2022 has to be winning a Red Dot award for the ADM modular brace system. A system that treats clubfoot; a common birth defect, with a fresh modern approach unlike any other on the market. The result of years worth of tireless successful collaboration with C-Pro.

Read more about the ADM Modular Brace on our project spotlight: https://centreline.co.uk/projects/c-pro

When discussing what 2022 work we as designers are proud of, the Raptor crossbow design featured heavily. This has very recently been unveiled at the ATA show in Indianapolis. The project was a seamless collaboration between the design team, engineers and manufacturing partners, producing a market leading bow.

We welcomed Jon to the team in 2022; a senior mechanical design engineer, whose expertise has been a gift during a busy year. We also took on two fabulous interns, Peter and Michael, who will return to their final year at The University of Nottingham in the summer of 2023.

A number of successful project launches took place during 2022, we look forward to watching them grow and establish in 2023. A particular favorite being the Shave Kit Razor, which combines a diecast razor body with a natural cork sleeve. Cork is a fantastic material to use for handles due to its grippy properties, 100% natural and sustainable resource.

With exciting new projects lined up across the globe, a trip to Mumbai and a focus on new sustainable processes and materials, 2023 is looking bright for the whole team.

- Neil White